About Panchgani
If Mahabaleshwar is the queen of hill stations in Maharashtra, Panchgani is definitely the Princess. Each village, town, city, metro, hill station place has something unique to offer, something that is its own. A particular sweet smell, the way the breeze hums or roars when it flirts with the trees or may be the taste of the water or may be even a feeling, an emotion that you associate with the hills when you go there for the first time. And that's how it is with Panchgani.
It's not just the green wooded roads, or the people walking briskly down the streets. Nor the sedate feel of a small town and the quiet serenity. All that is here, but there's something else in the air in Panchgani. it is truly a princess... young, vibrant and yet regal and calm. Panchgani is a most popular tourist haunt.
Around Panchgani.
Panchgani's certainly come a long way, from the time John Chesson, a retired East India Company warrant officer selected it as an experimental site for a European style health resort. It was he and some other brits who built the first pucca tiled houses way back in the 1860's out there, some of the which still exist and attract the tourists interested in period buildings.
Finally it was in 1863 that Panchgani was accorded the status of a hill sanatorium and Chesson was appointed as its first magistrate and superintendent. The Govt. of India has declared Mahabaleshwer-Panchgani as an eco-friendly zone.
PANCHGANI : General Information
ALTITUDE : 1300 Mts  above Sea Level
RAIL : Nearest Rail head is Satara : 44 Kms
Convenient rail head is Pune 100 kms.
BUS : Regular S.T & Private Buses run between Mumbai & Panchgani.
Traveling time: 5/6 Hours. (for Direct buses). 5 hours by Car.
Local Transport : S.T. buses ply between Panchgani Bhilar via. Bhose/Bhilar Jn
Panhgani – Bhose / Bhilar Jn – Venna Lake - Mahabaleshwar.
Distances to Various Places from Bhose Bhilar Junction in kms.
Panchani 4.5 Mala/Manama 0.25 Mahableshwar Lake 12
Devils Kitchen 7 Mapro Garden 2 Mahableshwar Market 14
Parsi Point 3.5 Wai 18 Sherbaug/Sidney Point 5
Bhilar  Waterfall 2 Dhom Dam 25 Wonder Point 2.5
Bhim Chula or Devil's Kitchen would naturally pique your curiosity. As would Harrison's folly, which incidentally is one of the most breath taking sights in Panchgani. Sightly south of Table Land a place of mythological interest. The Pandavas stayed here for a while and used to cook their meals at this place.
A must visit in Panchgani is Sydney Point. Nothing to do with either the Sydney Harbour or Oscar winner Sidney Pointer, Sydney Point is a regular tourist haunt. right near the octroi naka. The point is situated on a small hill rock facing the Krishna valley. From here one can see Wai and the sanatorium at a distance and the glittering waters of Dhom Dam. Similarly Pandavgad and Mandhardevi can also be seen.
Parsi Point, a rather wind swept joint that over-looks the Krishna Valley, near the blue waters of Dhom Dam. right on Panchgani Bhilar road.
Undoubtedly, the most popular of tourist spots in Panchgani would be Table Land or Panchgani plateau. It's a flat mesa (naturally as the name suggests!) which you just have to visit, and yes, several Bollywood movies feature this famous hotspot.
Sher Baug Located just before the Panchgani toll naka , Sher Baug is owned by Ayyaz Ghadiya of Century Foods. Over the years, Sher Baug has managed to carve a niche for itself, emerging as one of the major tourist spots in the area. One has to walk up this six-acre spread of amazing plants. the most awesome attraction at this place are the 700 odd varieties of cacti collected from all over the world. Sher Baug opens up a whole new world for visitors, with its several flowering cacti, colourful cacti and beautifully landscaped gardens. (Please check Entrance Fees)
Wonder Point and Bhilar water fall on Panchgani Bhilar road have an exotic view of Dhom Dam and Krishna river.
Radha Krishna temple & Derasar in Windsor Park on Bhilar road.
Mapro Garden / Mala & Manama factories and retail counters which manufacture various jams, squashes & juices are very close to Bhose-Bhilar junction.
Rajapuri Caves : 10 kms. from Panchgani wherein a temple of “Kartikswami” son of Lord Shiva is located.
Wai 14 kms from Panchgani a pilgrimage centre known as Dakshin Kashi.
Dhom Dam 8 kms from Wai  picnic spot and river sports.
For Children : Amusement Park  *  Go Carting  *  Para Gliding  * ETC
Strawberry Gardens - Up -  Bhilar Road.
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